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State of Minnesota Property Law


Want to know what law in Minnesota applies to different aspects of property? Then look no further. Below you'll find links to all Minnesota statutes concerning property. Of course, we can't interpret or explain them - for that, please see a good lawyer who specializes in property law. But if you need to do some preliminary research on your own, these links will help.



Chapter 500 Estates in real property

Chapter 501 Uses and trusts

Chapter 501A Statutory rule against perpetuities

Chapter 501B Trusts

Chapter 502 Powers of appointment

Chapter 503 Official trustees for the purpose of conveying townsite lands

Chapter 504 Landlords and tenants

Chapter 504A Landlords and tenants

Chapter 504B Landlord and tenant

Chapter 505 Plats; coordinates; surveys

Chapter 507 Recording and filing conveyances

Chapter 508 Registration, torrens

Chapter 508A Registration without court proceedings

Chapter 509 Registration; marks, names or devices

Chapter 510 Homestead exemptions

Chapter 511 Chattel mortgages; conditional sales; pledges; seed loans

Chapter 512 Sales of goods

Chapter 513 Frauds

Chapter 514 Liens; labor, material

Chapter 515 Condominiums

Chapter 515A Uniform condominium act

Chapter 515B Minnesota common interest ownership act