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Why Stage Your Home with an ASP™?


You may ask yourself, "Why would I need or want to Stage® my home with an ASP™"

It is interesting to see how many people have started to call themselves Stagers out in the world today. You'll often see self-proclaimed Stagers appear who have no training or Home Staging experience at all. These people have not studied how to Stage homes... they just heard about the idea and began to call themselves Stagers.

As in any industry it is so important that training and professionalism be the norm, not the exception. Designation of ASP means "Accredited Staging Professional". In other words, an ASP is accredited and thoroughly trained to Stage® homes as Staging was intended to be done. This is what the public can now count on. ASPs™ have invested a great deal of time, talent, and financial investment to become Accredited Staging Professionals. The ASP™/ASPM™ Designation now sets the standard and is the benchmark of excellence.

ASPs™ have the guidelines, skills, talent, and knowledge to be able to serve the client creatively in the best way possible and at the most reasonable cost. ASPs™ and ASPMs™ follow a professional code of ethics and have set policies, as standards of excellence to follow, as they serve their clients.

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